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Cards of Encouragement for CROSS | Griffith House

Saint Thomas, PA

Christian Residential Opportunities and Social Services (CROSS), Inc. provides residential service to adults with developmental disabilities. Presently, there are three area group homes.  The Griffith House is home to 6 residents.

These dear brothers and sisters in Christ  just love receiving mail.  We know that receiving some cheerful letters would be a great encouragement to the residents.  Consider including photos, handmade artwork, or a small gift.  One of the beautiful things about the CROSS residents is they are easily thrilled by simple gestures.

Additionally, your prayers and support are most appreciated.  Send your mail to:

Griffith House
1345 Appleway,
Saint Thomas, Pa 17252
(717) 369-2910

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about CROSS, complete the form below.