15 Needed


King Street Church

We are looking for couples or groups (SS class, family group, L3 group, etc) who are willing to provide a meal one time a month for those who attend RESET. These simple meals (soup, chili, BBQ, casserole…) would serve 40-50 people, and would be served around 5:30 pm in the Student Ministry Center.

RESET is a worship service and support system that has a goal the lifting up of Jesus as our hope in the mess. We meet weekly on Monday evenings at 6:30 pm in the Student Ministry Center. One of the things that makes our RESET meetings so special is that we promise our participants that they are safe within our walls and that we treat one another like family.  One of the elements that helps us to develop deeper community is to share in a meal together. By helping with our mealtime, you contribute to this warm, family-style environment.  In addition, providing a meal allows our leadership team to arrive early for team prayer without having to invest time and resources in their own dinner.

If you would like to serve with us in this way or learn more about this opportunity, fill out form and someone will be in touch with you.