15 Openings

RESET Childcare and Support Team

Thu 9/17
RESET is starting on November 2 on Monday nights at King Street Church and we are looking for volunteers to serve on the Support Team for this ministry. Support Team members would provide assistance and leadership for facets such as refreshments, greeting, child care, and other areas that help to provide a welcoming environment.
RESET is a worship service and support system that has a goal the lifting up of Jesus as our hope in the mess. Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes our need is great. Sometimes we get stuck as we follow Jesus. Sometimes we are ready to grow in a new area. Sometimes we need healing for our brokenness, or friendship in a difficult season of life.  At RESET, we are building safe environments to be real and to name what’s broken. We are building upon Jesus as our foundation when everything else is shaking. We are building an authentic community, a family, a place to belong.
If you are interested in serving on the RESET Support Team, or would like to find out more about the opportunity, please complete the form below. Someone will be in touch soon.